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iTV interactive Television Holdings Pty Ltd is a Queensland content and touchscreen solution company producing high quality multimedia rich programmes for use in POI (Point of Information), POS (Point of Sale) and ITM (Information Touch Machine) networks and stand alone displays.

Initial content and technology trials were undertaken during 1998, with three of Australia’s top ten universities; QUT, UQ and UNSW. These Student Information networks aimed to deliver timely multimedia rich information to the campus population, provided a valuable litmus test for iTV to develop leading edge products that can operate successfully in the public domain and in niche market applications.

A Tourism Information Station rollout commenced in the south east corner of Queensland during 2000. 11 prime high pedestrian tourist traffic sites were secured on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Airlie Beach. More recently this project has been phased out with 3 high profile sites being sold to DATATRAX a Canberra based company with nationalTourism touchscreen distribution.

iTV also completed, in early 2002, a 4 machine network for Qld Transport / Qld Department of Housing Community Renewal delivering Bus Timetables and Community Information.

A 4 machine 12 month trial was completed during 2004 in the Queen Street Bus Station, with the result an outstanding success with over 4 million touches during this period. Qld Transport Busways have since commissioned iTV to provide 16 similar machines at major Busway Stations in Brisbane.

The Real Estate Industry has also benefited from iTV’s innovative approach to Touch Screen information delivery and display solutions, with 9 of Australia’s most advanced interactive Real Estate systems deployed in offices in SE Qld.

In mid 2007 iTV developed a new magnetic Card Loyalty system that interfaces with POS systems. Two programmes have been developed, one that interfaces with MYOB Retail Manager and the other that interfaces with POS Terminals.

There are now 25 deployments of the iTV Loyalty programme in businesses ranging from Sports stores, to Golf Clubs to a Perfumery.

Most recently, after nearly 5 years of development, iTV has just launched a 30" Touchscreen Information Directory with 9 units deployed at the Brisbane International Airport.

These new machines and the programme are the first of their type in Australia with a stagering 1600 x 2560 resolution ensuring the sharpest images of any large screen Touchscreen in the world. (pictured)

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