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iTV’s major product edge is the capacity to design and deliver true multimedia content performance for POS and POI display systems. Full screen 30 frames per second television standard video, high-resolution graphics, photographic images, animation and stereo audio are combined in a navigation friendly programme.

This content is a combination of HTML information pages (modified by the client in MS Word) and database search functions. The programmes can read, write to, and search multiple databases. In the Transport programme 300,000 line databases are searched, presented and a summary printed in seconds.

iTV has developed, in Brisbane, various touch screen enclosures with high speed printer, optional phone and signage, in a tough vandal resistant all metal case with toughened glass waterproof Touchscreens.

iTV also has the ability to design, from scratch, purpose built enclosures to suit any site.

As the multimedia rich content is resident in each PC HDD, or on portable memory sticks, this provides the necessary platform to deliver high quality, high speed content to the consumer.

Unlike Internet based competitors, iTV’s programme content is not compromised by bandwidth restraints, however the iTV programme has the ability to interface with web sites if required allowing the user to seamlessly switch between resident and web content. Major ITM competitors that rely solely on the Internet for information delivery are severely restricted by available bandwidth. As a consequence, the quality of content delivery, that is so critical to customer acceptance, is poor.

By integrating high quality content and technology in this manner, iTV has developed the design expertise to produce a visibly superior product edge over its major competitors.

About iTVOur ProductsHardware OptionsImage GalleryContact Us