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After almost 5 years of development and negotiation iTV has just launched 9 'Bishops' at the Brisbane International Airport.

These 'state of the art' 30" Touchscreens are to assist airport users and visitors to navigate the new expanded airport as well as promote the Retail offerings.

Animation of logos and messages are incorporated into the content design to attract attention and to highlight the Kiosk purpose, with menu choices available at all times on the front page.

The Front Page choices include Quick Find Icons for Amenities, as well as search options for Services and Retail options.

Minimizing the total number of Touches required is very important and iTV has experience in both Alfa searches and List search functionality, both of which are used in the TransLink programme.

All information is stored in a database for easy access and update, with cross referencing of details.

The following 'Quick Find' Amenities are highlighted with suitable internationally recognized Icons, that wehn touches take the user to the nearest amenity.

Toilets - Parents Room - Check-In - Phone - Internet - Information - Prayer Room - ATM - Money Change - Train - Car Rental - Bus - Taxi

When touched a coloured architectural floor layout appears. The shortest available route to that amenity is then animated. A photo of the amenity is shown with a short description of the amenity.

A Wheelchair / Disabled button will appear as an option for the user, with the alternate animated route via lifts and travelators shown.

All routes and maps will be oriented to the individual TSIK.

If a level change is required then the route to the next level is displayed and then a second map showing the route at that level will be displayed.

In addition to the Amenities Icon options the user may search for;

Airlines & Airline Lounges - Alfa search, map includes Photo

Food & Beverage - search by Level, current Level first, list of options also include description of offerings

Building Layout - Alfa search, map includes Photo and a short profile

Shopping - search by Category, Name or Brand. Name and Brand searches to use Alfa Search as per TransLink programme to bring up a short list, with brief description of offerings.

Hire Car and Transport

Services & Amenities - sub menu of categories, i.e. External Transport, Car Rentals, Phone, Domestic Check-In, Tourist Services, etc to minimize the options per page, scroll bars or ‘more’ buttons should be avoided, wherever possible, to avoid confusion.

The 'Bishop' is perfectly suited for use in Government Buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Museums, Zoos etc or wherever large screen Public Access information is required.

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