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In July 2002 iTV was commissioned by Brisbane Transport to deliver fast, easily accessible, bus timetable information to the traveling public in key areas, in and around Brisbane.

Over the next few months iTV developed the interface and set the parameters to source, from the Brisbane Transport Hastis database, Route and Timetable information in a format that will display and print directly from a resident content slimline Touchscreen machine.

The Proof of Concept programme developed for the Brisbane Transport 2010 presentation on 11th September 2002, formed the basis for a 12 month 4 machine Trial Programme.

In 2003 / 2004 the “BT Bus Info” module produced by iTV, was modified for Busways and then TransLink, with a further 11 units being deloyed throughout the Brisbane Bus network.

The Timetable search function can be updated at any time by replacing the Database on the hard drive with the revised version. This can be done manually via a CD or remotely via a network.

Information pages are made in Microsoft Word and saved as HTML pages and can be updated directly to the system as above.

See images of pages in Image Gallery.

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