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In 2004, iTV developed the concept to deliver Real Estate information via high speed, multi media Information Touch Machines to be deployed in the window, for 24 hour access, thereby positioning the Agent as an innovator and industry leader, attracting both buyers and sellers.

The image above shows the iTV ITM as well as 9 display monitors all running from the one PC.

The installation of iTV Real Estate Information Touch Machines in Real Estate office windows provided the following benefits;
• High speed listings information for sales and rentals
• Search capability for easy access
• No ongoing costs of updating listings, locally updated
• After hours access, with printout and Prospect details capture via virtual keyboard
• Quality, innovative positioning to assist in gaining Listings
• Enhanced reputation for information delivery via a new medium
The ITM content features a combination of information pages about the Group and Office, including Staff information (all
updated locally), as well as Property information that can be searched for, or listed in categories.
A printed summary can be delivered to the user from either area, with updates made simply and quickly, locally. Property
listing printouts include the listing agent’s contact details.
The user can also record on the system, using a Virtual Keyboard, either in the Properties for Sale/Rent, Finance or
Selling sections of the content, their contact details for follow up by individual agents.
This material, is designed, with a user-friendly interface for ease of navigation via a large format, 17” touch screen display.

The content includes high impact graphics, stereo audio, and video when required.
Importantly a revenue stream, for each office, has been built into the model to offset costs of the system.

About iTVOur ProductsHardware OptionsImage GalleryContact Us