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Our aim was to offer a low cost ‘State of the Art’ card based Loyalty Programme, which will encourage small business's most important customers to come back again and again. By tying the awarding of Loyalty Points directly to sales made via POS registers we have all but eliminated the possibility of staff fraud while presenting a quality ‘front’ face to customers.

Designed as a purpose built card based Loyalty Programme that allows customers to swipe a card, earn points, win random prizes and redeem points for benefits.

The content has also been designed to allow some of a business's suppliers to maximize their exposure in the outlet by utilizing on screen ads, printout coupons and Specials printouts thereby providing a revenue stream from the machines.

The random prizes are set locally, their frequency is set locally and the points per dollar sale are set locally, giving the business owner flexibility to be as promotional as you like.

The internal database is backed up automatically each morning to a Flash Disc. (It is also possible for the Database to be web based allowing multiple stores points to be redeemed).

Not only can the database be web based but also individual setup of slides, promotional settiongs, prinouts etc can be managed via FTP transfers at startup.

We have also developed a software only interface with MYOB Retail Manager that co exists on the POS desktop to minimise small business investment.

For more information go to www.itvloyalty.com.au

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