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Information Touch Screen Kiosks
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The 'Bishop'

At 1.8m tall with a 30" super high resolution LCD screen, illuminated signage, 8mm toughened sacrificial glass, 32" Projected Capasitive touchscreen, 2mm stainless and powdercoated steel body, 4 extractor fans, an internal electrical safety switch, this is the top of the range.

The unit has the ability to stand alone, be networked or web based / connected.



The 'Queen'

Successfully deployed at Busway stations throughout Brisbane for over 4 years the 'Queen' combines function (17" touchscreen, as well as a 17" advertisement screen) with style.

The second screen offers a revenue stream and iTV were the first in Australia with the dual screen concept!

The Queen also incorporates a high speed Star Micronics thermal printer.

All powdercoated 2mm metal this unit can withstand all but the worst vandals.

The 'Knight'

As the name suggests this unit allows after hours access for people outside Real Estate offices. Originally deployed over 5 years ago these units continue to perform from Brisbane to Springfiled Lakes to Tewantin near Noosa.

 The Knight also incorporates a high speed Star Micronics thermal printer, however users could also leave their details via a virtual keyboard for follow up.


The 'Rook'

A low cost, small footprint powdercoated metal machine was required to house our Loyalty programme in the confined spaces of bottleshops.

The Rook was developed using off the shelf hardware and housing it in a functional, clean yet robust form.

A high speed Star Micronics thermal printer is used to print Specials, Redemptions and Prizes.

iTV designs and builds all its own hardware and software in Brisbane, therefore being able to 'custom' develop a solution to your Information delivery needs.

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